Monday, February 23, 2009

Cherries that started out life as tomatoes..

I actually thought they looked more like persimmons, but Colleen and her husband convinced me they were cherries rotflol.
A lesson learned. Be careful painting at night with reds. I painted with napthol red over cad yellow to start with, adn it was a gorgeous tomato colour. Then I added magenta and cad red for the shadows, so then I had this brilliant idea of adding a little quin rose where I had lost the lights a little. It all looked reasonably ok that night. When I went down tot he studio the next morning, man did I not, I repeat NOT have 3 juicy tomatoes on my board. I added the centres, and they really did and still do btw look like persimmons with cherry stalk to me. What a hoot. Gives new meaning to cherry-tomatoes..


  1. These actually look like crab apples to me!

    Cherries have more contrast. The super saturation reminds me of cooked crab apples.

  2. Well, waas this my lesson on how to paint tomatoes? lololol giggle giggle, snort, Now I don't feel so bad when my paintings go awry...

    i like it anway.

  3. JJ is brave. I won't be showing any of my disasters here.

  4. Bruce I knew this would tickle your fancy!! Snort and giggle away my friend. :-D

    Mimi, being brave has nothing to do with it. I am being practical and honest. I was painting a tutorial for Bruce, it went sadly wrong, I have showed him, so he see's even an experienced artist can "mess" up. This isn't a failure, it is just a painting that had a mind of it's own, and took a different turn than the one I had originally planned.

    There are no such things as disasters or failures or bad paintings. Each one is a learning curve.

    Bruce likes this painting, I like this painting, and whoever ends up with this painting is sure to like it too, especially if they buy it..;-) I enjoy your comments Mimi, please don't ever stop being just who you are, you!! (hugs)

  5. I'm with Mimi here ....they look like little apples ....

  6. AWWW!... JJ, you've practically gone though the green grocers on this study! LOL

    First tomatoes then .... cherries...persimmons...crab apples... and my contribution... glazed cherries with a wick attachment!!!Hehehe!...... Don't hit me JJ....!!! ;P

  7. Why does everyone think I'm gonna hit them. I wouldn't hurt a fly. I am a gentle soul..


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