Monday, February 23, 2009

Shack in the Woods

See what happens whenyou try to paint an 18-inch wide picture on an 8X10 canvas? I scrunched up this and it became a mess. I posted this on WC and I said I have terrible trees. I have such a bad time with trees.

I asked JJ to show me how to paint tomatoes and got cherries, so I dare not ask for help with trees lest I get green celery trees, lol....

I painted this tonite while waiting for my wife to get home form her trip. I hope you all don't laugh too much...


  1. Not bad! I like your hills and mountain, your house is nice too. You have the architectural stuff down pretty good. Your trees aren't that bad either. Nothing to laugh at really.

  2. You said, Bruce, "I asked JJ to show me how to paint tomatoes and got cherries, so I dare not ask for help with trees lest I get green celery trees, lol...."

    Yup you are so right rotflol. I am tree challenged. Ree paints good trees, so does Sandy. Sandy where are you woman?

    So for your c&c. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think. How should I go about this? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Seriously Bruce, this isn't half bad. House looks good, like the open window. The foliage isn't bad you know, it just depends on what you were striving for. Mine is very, um, suggested, now that is a good word.

    Your clouds look upside down is all.. ;-)

  3. I'm here JJ!!
    Personally, I can't find anything to worry about (except maybe the clouds ...suggest check out a few clouds and see where the lightest and darker areas are and what colours you can see reflected in them ...from earth and other surrounds.)

  4. Bruce ....this is great ....I especially like that blue mountain in the distance and the sunlight hitting the house is great ....I can feel the warmth ....

  5. Thanks ladies for your kind words. I feel really awkward with this piece, sonce I squished it into an 8X10 canvas. The clouds were an afterthought actually. I just wanted to add some depth and follow the photo a bit. I need help painting trees. I hate my trees. And I should have used tape to get better lines on the hosue.

    Funny, I spent 25 years painting hosues and now I have problems painting them

    I have some still life pics for a challenge for y'all later if you like.

  6. You've done really well on this, Bruce and I'm not laughing either!

    I agree with JJ on the "upside down clouds", though lol

    Trees are hard to master, it all takes practice i.e. the form, the values, the light etc...keep practicing Bruce...;)


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