Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well, on the upside

...we can always scoop up what's left once the aliens leave. I spent an hour or so on this, and worked a bit more on the shadows. I'm not really happy with how it turned out, but it definately could be worse.


  1. Charity are being way too hard on yourself girl ..... this is really good!!

  2. Hmm..odd. It showed up sideways.

    Thanks Anne. I'm not thrilled with it because I was off on the basic drawing. I'm happy that I could actually DRAW it though. haha

  3. I turned it for you. Now why are you and Anne getting your pictures sideways lol. Ree where are you woman.. Heeeelp!! :D

    I think it looks great. It looks like and icecream/potato scoop!! The handle is shiny. Maybe lift a little more off the inside of the scoop to give it a shine too.

    The show looks good. Just remember three values. Lift a little in the middle of the shadow.

    You are doing great Charity..

  4. Thanks for both the comment and for turning it for me, JJ. I'm not sure what happened there. haha Why do you think it did that?? It IS an ice cream scoop, but it's an old one and yep, it's metal. :)

  5. I don't know why? Ree says it has something to do with the way you save it?

    I save my picture in my paint shop pro program, and I don't seem to have problems with it turning when posting. No worries, if it happens again I will just turn it for you..

  6. Weird. I save mine as a jpeg, but I'm not sure why this one was different than the last ones. Possibly because this is the only one I saved after scanning and fixing this with my paint program? Thanks, JJ. :)

  7. Great drawing, Charity! Love the how you achieved a 3D look, especially on the handle...well done, Charity! ;)


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