Thursday, July 9, 2009

Charity and Anne calling ....where is Ree ..... we have a problem .....

Sometimes my paintings come out sideways on this blog and now it's not just me ....Charity has the same problem ......I don't understand why they go on here like that.
I take the photograph in the normal way, I open it in Paint Shop pro Photo editing programme, crop it, save it with a new name on to my Desktop. All throughout this process it is sitting the right way up. When I open it on my desktop it is sitting the right way but then when I post it here it turns sideways ....I'm confused. hahaha
I have no problem posting the same photograph on to WetCanvas and it is always turned the right way there is only here on the blog ...weird .....


  1. Hi girls, I'm here, sorta ;)...haven't been feeling to good today, reflux problems, in a lot of pain's the pits...:((

    I think it has to be some kind of Google blog bug that is playing around with your pics, seeing that both of you are having the same problem, now...
    The only suggestion I can give you, is to clear your cookies and cache and run a scan for spyware/virus...;)) Hope that helps. ;)

  2. Thanks Ree .... ((((HUGS)))) to you today ....I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I clear my cookies often and the spyware runs every day so not sure what more I can do ....

  3. It's a Google bug, Anne, cos I had problems posting my drawing pic tonight too. We will just have to wait for Google to fix it!

  4. Thanks so much for the info, Ree. I do hope you're feeling tons better!!


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