Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tart lifter

From my kitchen ....


  1. This photograph has come on sideways also ......I don't understand why they go on here like that. I took the photograph in the normal way, I opened it in Paint Shop pro Photo editing programme, cropped it, saved it with a name on to my Desktop. When I open it on my desktop it is sitting the right way but then when I post it here it turns sideways ....I'm confused. hahaha
    I have no problem posting the same photograph on to WetCanvas and it is always turned up the right way is only here on the blog ...weird .....

  2. So, I'm going to sound...a What the heck is a tart lifter? Looks like a garden tool to me, but then again, I have no clue what a tart is either. Either way, I like the shading. Is the flat part metal? If so, probably a few more highlights could be added, but I like it as is (whatever it may be) lol

  3. ....well maybe I should have called it a pie lifter ....then people would have understood what it was. The bit in the middle joining the two outer parts together is metal .....I tried to put highlights in with the rubber but it didn't work very well ... :(

  4. Oooo..pie. Pie is yummy and we definately need something to put it onto my plate. :) I was thinking the flat part was metal,too, but you did quite well if the joining piece was. That's why I asked. :D

  5. JJ to the rescue :-)) Picture is right way up again. Do ask Ree, she has all the answers about moving pictures.

    I like this, but I would add highlights. I have one of these things, it is plastic, Tupperware. Mine has a serrated edge..

    You are the artist, you can add highlights anywhere if it improves the picture.

    Get your erasure/rubber, and with the edge lift a highlight on the metal bits in the middle-ish.

    Cast shadow is getting better, but those 3 values need to be more obvious..

  6. Good effort, Anne! Needs some highlights and more lighter values, the form is excellent, though!


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