Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have this little framed picture of my cat Digby on the kitchen window sill. Sadly Digby only lived to the age of 9 months. He was a gorgeous Manx Stumpy cat, big, and in beautiful condition. He had fur like silk.

This is the first time I have done a drawing of a cat. I have sketched them before, but not a "proper" drawing. This one is far from perfect, I have aged Digby a lot. I really need to study all the drawing fur wips and demonstrations I can find.. It was fun to draw however. Oh and the frame is oval, for some reason, whether I take the photo from looking straight down on the floor, or on my easel, the frame looks round in the picture? The frame is made from some sort of cast metal, brass in colour, and the black insert is velvet.
A4 sketchbook, and graphite.


  1. Well JJ, he looks definitely pissed! You said I could say that...!!! LOL

    Think the cast shadow needs more blending. Must have took you forever to do that detail on the frame...well done, JJ! ;)

  2. You can't see the 3 values in the cast shadow?

  3. He's quite cute, JJ. I like the detail on the frame, too. :)

  4. Yes JJ, I see them but what I meant was, the transition between each grade, it's not smooth as there is a line dividing them. I think it could be more gradual.

  5. I see Ree.

    Thank you Charity, he was a gorgeous kitty..

    I now have 2 Manx cats, both are coming up to 14 years old. They are brother and sister. Marmaduke and Guinevere. Marmaduke is a ginger/red, and Guinevere is a tortoise shell. They have attitude as Manx cats do. I have 3 other kitties here too, plus the one I am house sitting for my daughter..


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