Monday, December 21, 2009

Charcoal drawing of a walking trail in Dundas Ontario (wip)

This is a work in progress, of a walking trail, a very special place to me.
I took the photo a month ago when the leaves were all but fallen. I am drawing in my 6"x8" sketch book. I really wish it was bigger. I may paint it, but I will draw it bigger before I do. Just need to finish this first. I will get back to it next week I hope.


  1. I like this you the feeling of being on the path.

  2. Looking good JJ, glad that you've got something down on're better than I am, ATM.....

    My only little the area at the RH side of the drawing could a little darker as my eye leads me to that tree on the right and straight up to the top and out of the picture! ;) Maybe a branch or two may do the trick, to bring the viewer's eye back into the drawing ;) But that's only my opinion...

  3. Thank you Linda, I am glad you feel like you are in the picture.

    Ree thanks, John said the same thing pretty much too, and as I said to him, it is a long way from finished, and I haven't worked on that side much. I will make adjustments as you both suggested.

  4. That's quite pretty, JJ. Looks like a very quiet and serene place to be...looks also like I"d better bring my coat..soo much snow. lol

    How is your trip going, by the way? It's cold here, but no snow so far..only rain. :( blah

  5. No snow in this drawing, just unfinished white paper lol...

    I am in Quebec City now, until the end of April. I will be going back to Toronto for the last 2 weeks in February though, and am looking forward to that.

    My trip has been amazing, a lifetime of memories. Also some life changing ones too..

  6. Must be that white paper. Looks like a snowy place. lol

  7. I dare-say there is snow there now, but my drawing is depicting the fall. I have along way to go, but my heart isn't in it right now.

    I will get back to it soon.


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