Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Challenges on the blog .....

Hi all .....I don't think I will be joining in this time with the challenges .....I actually found that they were making me quite anxious the last time I was doing them ....especially when I didn't get working on it at the beginning of the week ....then I was rushing to get something/anything done just to show it......

I have also made up my mind to cut down drastically on my internet usage ..... I waste far too much time on it...... :(

I need to concentrate more on painting something that would be suitable to sell to the public. I have been caught out too often recently with nothing ready to replace something that sold. Last week I sold one in a local cafe and the manager said that he was taking over the shop attached to the cafe and did I have any more paintings that he could hang .... I had to get 2 finished and framed quickly and I took down two from my own walls to leave with him.

Then my friend who runs a B&B told me last night that she has sold one of my paintings ....of course I have nothing ready to replace it ..... it's just not good enough .....

So I am cutting down on all my internet usage .....emails etc ..... I shall still post at WetCanvas and have a laugh in the cafe but I really must try and only go there once a day ....maybe twice..... it's going to be difficult but I have to look on this art business as a job and try and make some money from it ..... I won't make any money sitting on my backside at the computer ..... I need to be at the easel .....

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone and Happy painting/drawing!


  1. Hey girlfriend.

    You do realise, that your lack of paintings this last 4 months or so, cannot be attributed to the blog. :-)) There has been no blog since around August. You got to quit playing on WC woman..:-P

    The challenges, helped you to keep focussed. You did get work done when the blog was active. You painted much more then.

    The challenges are not going to be weekly, and I haven't sussed out just how to run them yet, but they will be beneficial to our art, that is what it is all about, right?

    For you, Anne, and myself, it is about being prolific, AND having quality work to sell. For Ree and Charity, it is about having fun, and painting for themselves. Can you and I have fun as well, paint for ourselves as well. Absolutely.

    I have found my biggest sellers, are the paintings I did for me.

    The trick, is to paint what you know and love, and vary it.

    All thoughts are welcomed here.

  2. I have to agree with JJ. When you paint because you "have to" it is a "job". When you paint for enjoyment you usually turn out better paintings from the heart. WC doesn't keep me active in painting and imagination like JJ's blog does and I do believe that is why I haven't really painted in months.

  3. The blog, is not a requisition, i t is a choice. If you guys want to participate then do, because you really want to, it has to be in your heart, if not, feel no shame.

    We make our choices, and the rest of us respect them.

    Just know, the blog is here when you are ready to join in.

  4. Anne, I completely agree with what JJ said, but I also see where you are coming from. I would hate to be stressed while drawing, but on the other hand, the blog really got me off my bootie to get drawing. lol I will miss you tons, but it's something you must do for yourself. I do hope I'll see you around quite a lot. :)

  5. Charity she will be around, she love me. :) She can't stay away.. :-))


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