Sunday, December 13, 2009

Annnd...back. :P

Hi ladies. I've finally made the move back to Arkansas. We've been here a bit, but just got settled...well...almost settled. I'm now looking for work and getting ready to start on my Master's degree and we're staying with my husband's father until we are both gainfully employed. Buuut...we're here. :) So, things should slow down soon and I should be able to start drawing again. I've missed you ladies and I'm happy to be back. get JJ back...hehe


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charity is back!!!!!

    I am getting settled in Quebec City, where I will be for the next 4 months..

    I am going to resurrect this blog, we need to get painting and drawing again ladies.

    Enjoy your Christmas, and make ready for the New Year.. :)))))

    Love and hugs

  2. I can't wait..really miss that drawing stuff. lol

  3. good lol. So now we need to round up Anne and Ree, and we are good to go..

    Did you change your email address?

  4. Hi glad you're back and you've finally done the move to Arkansas!
    Not sure if I'm ready for any challenges yet as I want to start painting for me...;) I've slacked off big time in the last few months...have all these paintings in my head but that's as far as they have gone!!! Got to get them on paper!;)

  5. You haven't had any challenges for about 4 months now, so you really can't blame them for your lack of painting Ree. You could be painting what you want any time you want. The Challenges actually got you moving, remember. I am going to revise them, they wont be weekly challenges any more..

  6. No, JJ. My email hasn't changed, although I don't use that one a lot anymore..waay too much spam. :( But you're always welcome to use That's the one I check daily.

    Ree, you're not the only one who's slacked. I haven't picked up my pencils for months (at least it feels that way). I've gotten my sketchbook back out over the last few days, and actually started drawing in, we'll see what happens. lol


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