Sunday, July 5, 2009

Item in my drawer.

This is all there was in my left drawer. How sad. So shiny and not very good. Every time I moved, the shadows changed. lol Sooo, here's my attempt. :)


  1. That is pretty neat Charity. I like the shine on those clippers.. The shadow is really nice and dark.

    Shadows vary in tone. Darkest next to the object, lighter as they move out.

    Now I knew this in painting, but for some reason in drawing I was making the shadow all the same shade.. The guys in the D&S Forum pointed it out to me, so I am very aware of it now.. :)

  2. JJ, thanks. :) It was such a pain to draw. lol The shadow was so small once I put it on my desk that my pencil wouldn't go any thinner. I'll work on different tones next time though. Thanks!

  3. I have just recently learnt about the benefits of sandpaper. I sharpen my lead to a point on my grade sand paper. This gives me a nice fine point. Those .05 mechanical pencils are good too, for very fine lines.

    It is 5.30am Sunday here, I am out the door. later.. :)

  4. That's a great idea. I never really thought about sandpaper other than for colored pencils. Think I'll try that on my next drawing. Thanks!

  5. You draw very well, Charity
    Do you have a paper stump as they are very good for blending? They come in different sizes from small to large...a kneadable eraser is also a handy tool as well. These items are cheap to buy at your art supply store or online.

  6. Thanks, Ree. :) I do not have a paper stump, but I do have a kneadable eraser. I haven't tried blending yet, as I'm still trying to get the basics down. All I've ever really done is tracing, and I'm trying to get away from that and learn shading as well. I'll definately look into the stump, though. Thanks for the idea. :D

    Thanks so much, Anne. :D

  7. Until you do buy a stump, get a tissue, and wrap it around a blunt pencil, and gently use that to blend. This is what I do when i go out without my supplies. :)


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