Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fruit banana didn't turn out so well. I used the wrong pencils and was already halfway done before I realized this, so, while it's not looking like a healthy banana, perhaps it's a sickly banana??


  1. Actually your drawing is quiet good, Charity, just needs some more tones on the banana to give a 3D effect. Try using different grades of pencils such HB, 2B, and 3B and/or 4B, then you can get some good tones/values with just these grades. ;)

    A tip...when I take a photo of a drawing, I change it to grayscale in my photo gives a much clearer pic to post online, just an idea. ;)

  2. Very nice Charity.

    Don't forget to vary the depth of the shadow. Again it needs to be darker near the banana, and lighter the further out it goes.

  3. You have done well Charity! ....maybe I will go and try a banana drawing!

  4. Thanks Ree. I'll try working on the banana some more and see what I can come up with. Perhaps I can make it a healthy banana yet! ;) With regards to the photo, it was actually a scan (since it fits in my scanner), but I'll play with the values some and try to get the pictures a bit less blurry. lol

    Thanks JJ. I think I can work on the shadows for this and make the variations. I didn't press too hard on my pencil, so I still have some workable surface. :)

    Anne, go for it! I had to get my image online since my kids ate all the fruit in the house. lol


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