Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hi everyone. My name is Charity. I met JJ through the D&S forum on Wetcanvas and she sweetly offered to let me join in! It took a few hours, but I finally figured out how to post on here. I feel a bit slow since it was pretty easy, but I'm alright with that. So, she asked me to stop in and say hi, and if anyone wants to know more about me, just ask. I'll be happy to tell. :)


  1. Hi Charity and welcome ....what a beautiful name! I am sure you will fit in here very well .....looking forward to seeing your work .....

  2. Thank you so much for the welcome, Anne. It's nice to meet you and thank you for the comment on my name. I do hope I fit in here, as I have heard how wonderful you all are. And as soon as I get some work drawn, I will definately post it. :)

  3. Welcome aboard Charity. We are all harmless here. WE have fun.

    I am about o head out the door to the market, I will draw my fruit there, and post later..

  4. JJ- Thanks for the welcome and the invite. :)

  5. G'day Charity and welcome from Downunder! I'm sure you will fit just nicely into our drawing and painting blog! ;) JJ, keeps us on our toes so we are always doing something...;)
    So, do you draw and paint or just draw? Would love to see your paintings if you're a painter that is...
    Cheers Ree

  6. Hi Ree. Thanks for the welcome. :) I don't paint, but I do 'paint' in colored pencils. I just started, but I'm having a blast. One day, I'll try painting with paint. lol


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