Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sorry ....

Sorry I didn't get painting the tomatoes yet!! .....I have been having fun with a cucumber for Mackb's thread on WC. I will be taking it to my art group this morning and maybe get it finished today along with my tractor painting that I still have to show here ..... Maybe I will try the tomatoes in the afternoon ....who knows .....


  1. I have nothing against tomatoes either but I have been busy getting ready for an art fair on sunday and then last night my #1 son came over. It will be my first time in art/retail, i'll have a table in an art gallery it's being billed as the first annual urban art fair.

  2. Mimi good luck with the art fair!!!!!!! I have a market stall coming p with Sunday, and I am kind of excited about that too. A lot of work goes into the preparations.. DO take a heap of photos' and share with us on the blog please! :-))

  3. this is kind of like a Market Stall, only it's indoors (and with good reason!!)
    I will share, I promise, the good and the bad and the ugly

  4. Good for you Mimi, I look forward to it!!!!! I will also take photos of mine on Sunday..


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