Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sandy's Tomatoes in acrylic.

Well I am cutting it fine I know, but here they are. I sat up painting these tonight, and Ree is working on hers too. She is staying up to get her husband off to work, me, I am going to bed. It is after 1.30am already.. **yawn**

Well here you go, and no. I don't like them. I tried so hard to paint them the colours they were, but I "lost it" four times, so they are red!!!!! I painted them on a 5"x7" canvas board, and scanned them onto the pc. Should have taken a photo methinks. Oh well maybe tomorrow..

So Sandy, my excuse for the red tomatoes, is, that it took me so long to paint them, they ripened. Weak I know, a real groaner...............


  1. I'm shocked JJ, your cherries look like tomatoes. Nice job.

  2. JJ, I like your interpretation - the colours and the neat net curtains. How did you paint them I wonder? Also I wonder if introducing them and a smaller window would have altered the light and shadows.

  3. O.K. JJ You can have some well ripened tomatoes! all the better for flavour!
    Well done!
    I am having trouble with my computer...I will try and get my entry in today...even if it is only half finished!

  4. luscious red here! eat them soon.

  5. Sandy half finished is better than not done at all you post them when you can. Tell the group about your problems with the blog, and see if anyone can come up with a solution, other than clearing your cookies.

    Bruce! hahahaha

    Mimi, they are a lovely red in person. I will take a photo later see if it looks better.

    Colleen, painting a net curtain in acrylics is easy. Easy if watercolours too I will have to show you when we next meet.

  6. Uh, JJ, how do you get a shadow from behind the wall? The window doesn't line up properly with the tomats, er, cherries, whatever.

  7. Caught me Bruce. I was wondering how long it would take someone to notice I copied the shadows from the reference and not painted them to suit my light source in my picture. Go to the top of the class. You are learning to see!!!!

  8. OI love the curtains blowing over them .....lovely work Sandy!

  9. Sorry JJ .....That's us even then called me by the wrong name at least once before!!!

  10. Nice work JJ and I bet you're all tomatoed out now lol

    The tomatoes shadows are going in the wrong direction.;)
    Although there is only a couple of values in the tomatoes, I like the reflective light you achieved.

    I absolutely love the curtains, nice touch JJ

  11. Ree said..........The tomatoes shadows are going in the wrong direction.;)

    That is after I told her folks rotflol...... I am going to repaint them tomorrow and repost for your viewing pleasure.. :-D



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