Friday, March 6, 2009

Cucumber etc.,

This is what I was working on today at Art Group. I would never have thought of doing still life at all if Mackb had not put his 2 photographs on the Paint Out thread on Wetcanvas. Thank you Mackb .....I really have enjoyed painting those two still life photographs and I surprised myself with the way they turned out. OK ...... I know they are not perfect but they are good by my standards .....
16" X 12" acrylic on board


  1. You're welcome and I am so tickled that my challenge has generated such a response. I am so happy that it encouraged you to paint, that is my goal. I love to encourage people to embrace their art.

    You have done a magnificent job on this one. The Cuke and green pepper are wonderful, bot of which I had a hard time with.

  2. Wow, I am so impressed.. I really love how you painted that cucumber. The little knobs and the shading on them are awesome.. The variations of colours are perfect, as is the reflection. You really put your heart into that cucumber hey..

    The capsicum is pretty darn neat too. Nice variation of colour. Strawberries look good, love that little yellow seeds. Tomato is neat, but I would have liked to see it not so perfectly round at the top. Maybe that is how the reference was I don't remember. That other thing, the green thing top right, (don't hit me) I am guessing it is an apple? It is quite misshapen. Can you fix that? If so you have a pretty darn good painting!!! You had better be very pleased with yourself!!!!!!

    Oh, that background is very black.. Jury is out on that.. ;-)

  3. WOW! Anne, this is great, love it

    A good composition, overall good form and values.
    Keep an eye on the form in the shadows as the edges are lost on the cucumber, tomato and the strawberry (in the foreground). Add some reflective light to the shadows and in front of the strawberries as are floating ;)

    If you can get a blending/fan brush you will find that your blending technique will improve greatly...they are fairly cheap to buy! I bought a pack of 9 for only $7 ;)

    Anne your paintings have improved so much in the past few of weeks...well done... so give yourself a big pat on the back!! ;)

  4. Wow is right Anne, you did wonderful. The background is black and you can be forgiven for not adding anything to it.The tomato is nearly perfectly round in the photo so don't fret.

    I don't know whzt a capsicum is but the green pepper is awesome. What an inspiration this photo was to you becasue you really sat down, slowed down, and really observed what you were seeing and did a wonderful job on this. I for one am impressed.

    That said, the tomat needs a little light in the shadow to give it some form and the berries look a little washed out, tho that may just be the photo.

  5. Green pepper/bell pepper/capsicum same vegetable different names in different countries ;-))


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