Thursday, March 5, 2009



watercolour on Arches rough 300gsm
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  1. OK Guys...... see how it is done!!!!!! The expert among us has shown us how.

    Sandy this is a fabulous painting, your values are wonderful, your shadows are wonderful. I see you didn't paint the green bit either. We all ripened our tomatoes except Ree.

    I do find the shadowed blue area in the background a little confusing. I had to really look, and I am supposing it is the paper towel folded up the wall? I think the bench top should have been a different colour, as the blue bench on the left, is confusing my eyes with the shadowed paper towel.. Do you see what I mean?

  2. Simply the best painting of tomats that I've ever seen. It's perfect without looking like a photograph. Wonderful.

  3. Gorgeous work Sandy! ....I feel like I could reach out and pick one up .....


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