Friday, March 20, 2009

Roses finished?

I chickened out on putting in big shadows. If anyone wants to photoshop it and show me how they would do the shadows go right ahead..


  1. I'd add a glaze of red mixed with opposing green to the bottom of each bud and to back side of most of the leaves.

    The bigger problem is thay look flat, especially the one on the table and its corresponding leaf doesn't look convincing either. The leaf on the table also has the table shadow going right through it.

    Sorry about that JJ.

  2. JJ, this is very pretty.
    Your problem with the shadow is part of why I am so afraid to paint without a reference. Are you being literal? then be literal. Either that or paint flowers according to your fancy and who cares about the shadows?!?! your background is elegant, colors you don't see much in watercolor, so I am unused to them.
    that last leaf on the bottom pulls your eye down to the edge.

  3. Thanks for those great comments! I shall have another look at the painting..


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