Friday, March 20, 2009

Tomato Juice

This is an experiment I'm working on for the upcoming minature show in Quebec, so I gave it a spin. This is acrylic on bristol board card, 3X4"
I prepared an AECO card (buisness card size, 2.5X3.5") to do this again. I have so much painting to do and so little time and enrgy.
What do you think?


  1. I can hardly believe it is so small!!
    The tomato looks squashed into the glass a bit but then it could easily be that way and it makes it all the more interesting .....
    I find the background a bit distracting especially at the top of the glass ....
    but I'm only nit-picking ...this is really good Mackb!

  2. I really like the glass, I really like the red tomato reflection in the rim of the glass.

    The background colour isn't so appealing, I find it competes a little too much. I like the texture though.

    Check the bottom of the glass.

    I like the tomato!!!!

    Did mention I really like the glass, and the handle is my favourite bit.

    I love that lost edge of the rim of the glass at the top.

    Anne, that is a very good critique, you are doing so well with your critiquing and I am so glad you are trying. Way to go girl! The more you "look" the more you critique, the more you learn.

    Good luck with the competition..

  3. wow, this is really tiny. It's a good mug, but I agree with the others, the background is just noise.


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