Friday, March 20, 2009

Quirky Cats & Roses

I had some fun this afternoon. I painted quirky cats in acrylics. I paint these in watercolour, the are well liked, so I thought why not try them in acrylics. It was a hoot. 15 minutes for each painting. I love to let loose and paint something totally crazy once in a while.
The roses took me about 5 hours all up, from the initial sketch in my sketchbook, to the painting, which isn't quite finished, I have yet to put the shadows in.


  1. Nice roses, but I can tell you niggled. I dare you to paint great roses in 30 minutes with a minimum of strokes. I will try later as well.

    I have unfortunatly run into a wall and am too pooped to do much more today. We have a watercolour workshop at the art club tonite and I'm close to chickening out, but I gotta start somewhere, eh?

  2. Cute quirky cats and gorgeous roses JJ

  3. I liked your watercolor roses better; your cats are cute. I do goofy cats too sometimes.

  4. Bruce. I hope that you went to the watercolour workshop!! Just remember that you are not at the workshop to paint a masterpiece, but to learn new brush strokes colour mixing and "stuff" Just learning and there is always going to be someone worse than you at it. Trust me. My cats don't do it for you?

    Anne thanks, they look really neat in person. Photo doesn't do them justice. Lets hope they sell, hey.

  5. Mimi, you do? I haven't painted watercolour roses for a few years now. :-) I could paint these as realism, but it takes too much time, and time I don't have a lot of right now, I need to get these things painted fast for my stall.

    I am going to paint something for me next week though as I am missing the "good stuff."

  6. didn't you just do some watercolor roses in the last week? yes, i liked them better. they reminded me of "old roses"
    Ah, you're getting ready to sell stuff. Good luck!

  7. Not me... I haven't painted in watercolour for ages..

  8. Well, I learned enough at the wc workshop to know it's not something I want to try to conquor right now. I have enough on my mind and plate right now.

    Sorry JJ, I'm not crazy about the cats. Maybe its just male genes that don't get it or maybe its just I'm finding myself preoccupied these days.

    I am knackered at 6:30n pm already, that's after a two hour nap, but I got in a whole hour of painting today, long enough to ruin my first attempt at an aceo. One of my photos of the still lifes with the white tea pot has got me flustered.

    I have to go try to paint a likeness of me. Oh the horror, the horror.....

  9. Hey that is ok Bruce, those cats are not for everybody, but some folks just go crazy over them..

    I haven't braved going down tot he studio yet to see what kind of mess, i mean my portrait is like sitting on my easel. Trust me when I tell you it isn't pretty. Keep you chin up as my Mum used to say, you will be feeling much better real soon!!!

    Watercolour isn't an easy medium, and seeing as you are not up to par right now I think it is a wise choice that you just concentrate on your acrylics for now. You are doing great with the acrylics!!!

  10. Always love your very expressive cats, they make me laugh! Are you sure they are not self-portraits as they ALL have your grin!!!LOL

  11. Well you know I am a cat!!!!!!!


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