Saturday, March 21, 2009

Third time lucky!!!!!!! .......The good thing about doing a self portrait .....

The good thing about doing a self portrait is that you can leave out a
line or ten, make the eyes bigger, bluer and whiter, the lips a bit
fuller and get an instant hair colour grays showing ..... make
myself look sexy even .....well that was the plan ....somehow it
didn't go the way I intended .....but it was fun trying .....


  1. Weren't we supposed to post these on Sunday?

    Is this acrylic or oil? And I think it looks like youachieved your goals

  2. make your nostril darker. trust me, it will help. and on the shadow side of your face, on the edge of your mouth, make that darker too. I think that will make it look a lot more realistic.
    Mack she jumped the gun, so I did too, not being able to resist another moment.
    one more thing, Anne, how abut you make it darker between your hair and your face. there's usually a little more shadow there.
    The eyes are luminous, beautiful.

  3. You gals are just too eager to show off your handiwork.

    Anne, one thing and it means a major fix I'm afraid. Your eyes are the same but not symmetrical. The right one is at the wrong angle. I have no idea how to photoshop or I' do it for you.

  4. Anne this is a lot better than my portrait!!! I agree with Bruce about the eyes. No easy to paint for a start, an harder in acrylics. I lost the transparency in mine too. I have blue eyes, but in the painting I greyed down the blue to make it look more natural. The corners of the eyes I painted with burnt sienna. Nose is good, do add some burnt sienna/quin rose mix to the nostrils, just a hint and soften the edges when you do.

    Your skin tones look so much better than mine. I used quin rose burnt sienna and white. Viridian for the shadows. I think I should add some raw sienna in there too.

    Good attempt you know, and each portrait you a paint is better than the last.

  5. I;m bummed out, I am having a hard time just drawing the face. It looks good for Rock Hudson, but not much like me.

  6. Bear with it if you can Bruce. My portrait is awful. No kidding. I am not a portraitist, adn I am not just sayin gthat to make you feel better. I didn;t read up about skin tones like I should have, and besides having a bad drawing, I have theatre makeup up. Man it is thick, oh and it still isn't me. I have given up trying to make that face look like me.. I am pretty sure the one part of this portrait of mine that will be very good, is the shirt. The rest, you can have a big laugh with me!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how to paint a portrait, but at least I gave it a go.

  7. uhh, a legend (in her own mind) (giggle) once told me to turn the pic upside down and draw the shapes. Give it a whirl.

    Maybe step back from the painting and get less literal for a few coats before you get too niggley. Maybe don't get too specific....

  8. That legend, couldn't print out the reference picture as she had no ink in her printer, adn had a great deal of difficulty turning the monitor upside down. rotflol. I am painting from a dreadful photo taken with my webcam on my laptop. so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It would have worked better if you turned the monitor upside down. The LCD monitors are great that way, only a few pounds. Seriously tho, just measure and don't worry about skin tones till you get teh drafting right.


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