Thursday, March 19, 2009

Veggie-Fruit Juice ver 2.0

The pic of this darker than in real life, so I apologize. i did fix the elipses, sharpen the lines and darkend the background to allow the glass to shine. Whchya all think√Č


  1. I like that you darkened that triangle in the bottom of the tomato.

    I love the eclipses. I find them difficult to draw but I persevere. I have catteracts, so that makes it even worse to draw realism..

    I like the added red in the handle and looking at it again, I would add the background colour into the handle too. Darken the darkish area at the bottom of the handle and add dark up by the really white area. Look at your reference again.

    I like the drapery better, it did have too much light in it before, but it was cool though, it did work actually.

    Is the photo really dark, or did you over darken that apple?

    This is a great effort.

    You have the added avantage over us, :-) you can get the glass out and study it.

    The one thing I don't like about my painting is it is too dark. Yours has that love light in it. Don't change anymore of that.

    Oh and when you look hard at the glass, what do you see. IS the rim white? or a greenish colour?

  2. A nice finish've done very well on this painting...perseverance has paid off!!;)

  3. Thanks Ree for yoru kind words.

    And yes JJ, I do have the glass and the photo is too dark because when I tried to up the contrast a bit, it always went too far.

    The apple in the painting is my fav part. It is so perfect. I added a tomato to the second glass on the right becasue it was more interesting.

  4. BTW JJ, yoru world clock is wrong for the eastern time zone. It is 10 am here not 9 am, we are always 3 hours diff than the west coast.

  5. Ok I will go look at the4 clock. I wonder if it allows for daylight savings?


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