Monday, March 9, 2009

Macks Cucumber combo again

I had a couple come into my stall last Sunday, and ask for food paintings. They have just bought a restaurant and want paintings for the walls.
I painted Bruce's reference picture (again) from the Paint Meeeeeeeeeeeee challenge on Wet Canvas (open critique forum)

See anything? 12"x16" Acrylics on stretched canvas.

After reading the comments I went back and tweaked it. What do you think now?


  1. I think the white spot on the apple and the tomato is too much like a circle ....would it nor be better a less defined shape?
    The strawberries look great! I would add more white highlights along the cucumber too.

  2. Thanks Anne, you might be right, I will look at that apple again when I go back down to the studio. I came up for my dinner alan cooked it and was not impressed when I told him to put it in the microwave I was busy lol.

    Where would you suggest I put more highlights on the cucumber? The whole thing is light. and I was actually wondering if it needed darkening in places> Hmmmmmmmmm you have given me something to think about thanks!!

  3. Check out my painting of it in the blog. When I was painting in the white on the cucumber I thought I had put in too much but standing back from I thought it made it so much more alive and real looking. The cucumber in my painting is my favorite bit in it.

  4. Righto, I see what you mean..

  5. It seems to me that all the fruits are too close in value, so that the painting is tending to become flat. Maybe also put in a few soft edges eg where the fruits touch. Well done at the Market JJ although you may have to start painting sliced veges, pips and all. I suspect most chefs don't regard any fruit and veg as food until they have taken a knife to it.

  6. Great improvement JJ...the highlights are better and the deeper shading makes the whole painting more 3D...well done JJ!!!

  7. Much better JJ ....that apple looks good enough to eat!

  8. Thank you ladies, you are both great. The critques were good and helped tremendously.

    I did add more highlights to the cucumber.

    I did repaint the white highlights on all the fruits, made them smaller.

    I did soften more edges.

    I did add shadow to the left of the tomato to give it form.

    Colleen, I am going to look for some reference photos' I have from wet canvas of cut fruit. Good idea..

  9. I said both, sheesh, I meant all three of you!!!!!

    Now I just need Bruce to come along and cast his eye over it and see what he thinks..

  10. I am going to bed, I meant all 4 of you FOUR of you. weeeeeeeeeell it is after 1.00am here..

  11. LOL need to go to bed JJ can't count to 3 .....ROFLOL

  12. I cast a longing eye over the veggies and found them to be too smooth, too perfect, not rough enough. But that's just because I'm jealous that I can't paint like this.

  13. Well you do have a point. To make the painting more interesting, I should have painted some blemishes. Just because the reference had clean fruit didn't mean I needed to paint them that way.

    You will paint better, you have only been painting acrylics for 6 months, I have been painting them on and off for more than half my life


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