Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog issues

I had an email from Sandy. She isn't going to be participating int he blog for now, she can't post. She says..
I can get into the site o.k....but when I get "settled" and start to do something (like respond..or post) it closes down and I have to keep starting all over again.
She is totally frustrated, has had her computer to the repair shop, and has tried all manner of things, and is very saddened not to be able to participate right now. I miss her, so I hope that somehow we can get this sorted out. Any suggestions, and don't mention cookies, been there done that she says, many times.. She only has problems with this blog, nothing else?

I just had that same thing happen to me when I was posting in Bruce's post. I typed out the message, hit enter to start a new line and it was all gone. Never had that happen before. I am going to try and remember to copy while I type from now on, as it is damned frustrating, and I can't remember all wrote. It was a really nice message too..

Is anyone else having problems?


  1. I have not had any problems (so far)
    But, make sure your browser s/w is up to date. (Internet explorer, Firefox) and even that might not help, it could be just a glitch in blogger, which, is, after all, free! Try to blog when you do not think they'd have high traffic (early in the morning, perhaps?)


  2. I had the same thing happen earlier today. Best idea is to copy all your typing before you post, just in case. I had to back up two pages to get my message and reenter.

    I'd contact the blog techies if I were you JJ.

  3. Try this..

    Save a blank post as a draft and this should reset your cache! (this is the blog cache, not your computer cache.)

  4. Ask this guy, he seems to specialise in helping folks with their blogs. You need to tell him in your own words what's happening and he will help..

    I am going to ask him how to put a link into a comment lol..

  5. Here we go there is a Blogger Help Forum.. Just ask here.

  6. I am having no problems far .... but then my comments are short!!! It would be annoying to have written a long comment and then to lose it .....


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