Monday, March 9, 2009

Tomato Challenge

Coloured Pencil, 9x12"

This one is late and should be never. As you can see, I'm lousy with coloured pencils and I just discovered they are worse than watercolours.
Anyway, I am unable to do much the last few days bec of my heart. I'm having a low heart day, but I wanted to do something. Just don't snicker. It is horrible, oh, the inhumanity of it all, ick, hack choke!


  1. Oh woe is you!!!!! You did better than I would, I have to tell you I hate coloured pencils! Maybe your should have made your whole tomato red, and then put blue over the red where the shadows go, to make purple, or use green the complementary colour? You can blend coloured pencils. Have you got watercolour pencils? I have some and are pretty awful with them, but at least you can wet a brush and blend them some..

    I am impressed, that with you feeling so lethargic, that you got your pencils out and gave it a go!!

    Way to go Bruce..

  2. At least you are trying Bruce! .... sounds like you need (((HUGS))) today.....
    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Thanks JJ and Anne, I tried to blend the pencils but as you can see, the dark was too dark and I tried to rub it with my finger to blend but no go.

    I laid on my bed and copied the best I could off my puter but the lighting in my room aint so hot.

    Thanks for the hugs, what I need today is

  4. Mackb, I thought the idea with watercolour pencils was to brush water over the drawing to blend the colours. I could be very wrong though. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Mackb, Sorry, I have just looked again and you stated coloured pencils - but try water anyway. You never know.

  6. Bruce have you got watercolour pencils? If not buy some, you will love them, and while you are at it buy one of those "water brushes" You fill them with water, and squeeze very gently to release the water onto the paper.

  7. You guys are killn me here...I just started playing with acrylics 6 months ago and pencils about 24 hours ago and now you want me to buy more stuff?
    I'm not sure I can handle anymore media, especially watercolour anything. I almost pulled out the last of my 11 hairs...

    How do I improve with coloured pwncils?

  8. I almost pulled out the last of my 11 hairs...

    How do I improve with coloured pencils?

    Laughing at the hairs, sorry. ;-))

    I have no idea how to use coloured pencils, check the coloured pencil forum on WC

    I have watercolour pencils, because I can't get ordinary pencils to blend, I can with te watercolour pencils by adding water .. ;-))

  9. Mackb, drawing (as opposed to sketching)with pencils whether they be black, white or coloured is all about needle-point sharp pencils and very fine lines placed very closely together and varying the sensitivity with which the colour is applied. I wouldn't think of trying it if I was also trying to take things easy. It requires the tenacity of a blue heeler, the determination of a wombat and the patience of a trapdoor spider. Well that's how it seems to me anyway.

  10. Yikes Colleen. Now I know why I don't have any rotflol.

    Seriously Bruce. Get the watercolour pencils.. ;-)

  11. JJ, Watercolour pencils and oil pastels seem lika an exercise in redundancy. If I wanted to paint, I'd use paint, not pencils.

    Colleen, I have no idea about the creepy crawlies you're talking about, but I understand patience, I am working in acrylics now.

    But have you seen the coloured pencil art on WC. I was pouring over them teh other night, but I closed teh puter and cried for a bit and hid my pencils. The upshot of it, my wife found them and doodled a nice flower on the next page from my ugly tomats, sheesh.

    BTW JJ, what the hell is rotflol?

  12. So don't buy them then. hehe

    rotflol = rolling on the floor laughing out loud

  13. ....and Mackb ..... ROTFLOLPIMP means "rolling on the floor laughing out load peeing in my pants" ....just in case you ever come across that one .... we learn so much here don't we?!!! ROFLOLPIMP

  14. Somemore in case you don't know them.

    LOL laugh out loud

    BTW by the way

    BRB be right back

    WTJ what the juice (insert on last work as appropriate)

    Oh look what I found

  15. I like this one in that link JJ
    "Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning"
    very useful indeed ..... ROTHLOLPIMP

  16. ROTHLOLPIMP, ok then, now I know. And i just asked Anne about that one. You guys crack me up. Here I thought you were saying that you were rotten and going to hell because you were laughing at being a pimp. A simple lol will do....


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