Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Todays paintings (2)

Well I got stuck into it today and painted to paintings, both 12" x 16" both acrylics.

Fire away... I will tell you later what I think...


  1. Wow! JJ these are excellent...really great work on both paintings!!

    OK...Good composition...the cherries need more values and shadows need to be darker to achieve more form and depth. Some of the edges have been lost but I'm sure you will find them again JJ ;)...love the highlights and the nice clean palette ... well done!!

    The lemons...Composition's good...form very good...the eclispe is just a little out on the bottom RH side.
    I like the light on the plate but I think the highlights need more strength IMO. The flesh of the lemon is wonderful, I love it! Well done JJ!!

  2. Gosh you are in a fruity mood JJ ....
    I like both of them ....very clean and fresh ...makes me want to eat more fruit .....

  3. These are lovely. I think there could be more depth in the cherries, but i love the citrus and that dish!!

  4. there's no eclipse here. what's with this talk about eclipses? that's when the sun obscures the moon. or the moon obscures the sun.

  5. Thanks everyone!!!! I will look at the cherries again today I wont do anymore work on the plate as it looks good in person, and if I am afraid to try and adjust the plate Ree, I am bound to make it worse.

    Anne I hope the people like them too. I also hope the rains stops, no much fun in the rain..

    Mimi. :-D

  6. I guess if I don't check in often I miss a lot. Nice tomats JJ, herhehehh

    I like the lemons but they need more depth in the flesh.

    What have I created with my still lifes?

    And I'm photographing some more tommorrow.....heheheheh

  7. Thanks Bruce!! hahaha

    Remember when you take your photo's. Create only one light source, best from left or right. Have an uneven number of things in the composition, and no too many. 5 is more than enough..

  8. Oh and another thing, make sure that the elements overlap a little or have the shadows touching the next element.

  9. Yes mam, I'll post one tommorrow for fun.

  10. .....now you know exactly who is the boss here don't you Mackb?..... and thank you also Mackb for getting us all excited (well some of us) about fruit ....it has been wonderful seeing the beautiful paintings folk have produced these past few days!

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  12. Forever the teacher, JJ!! Ya just can't help it, can ya!! LOL
    So what have you painted today as I'm sitting here waiting to critique it...so hurry up, will ya, as I want to get to bed before MN tonight!!! Hehehe!


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