Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Painting of the week; Seattle waterfront

This is a photo my husband took, a scene from the Duwamish river looking at the port of Seattle. I've already painted the scene twice. Your assignment is to take whatever part of this scene you want and paint it. you don't have to include everything, you don't have to use the perspective here. Pick and choose.  If you click on the photo I think it will automatically get bigger.
Have fun. I'm thinking of doing just the buildings. And if you want, you can view my two attempts at painting this already on my blog.

Mid-July Morning on Harbor Island


  1. A very interesting photo Mimi, I think we will have fun with it!!:P
    Could you post a higher res pic as when I click on, it not much bigger than this one! ;)

  2. Oh man!! Another hard one, good! This will stretch me for sure. Yes, the photo didn't enlarge much for me either, a larger ref would be good please.

    I can't wait to see what each of us does with this one..

  3. Now that is a challenge!!! ....thank you Mimi

  4. ok, if you click on the tiny one it will take you to the actual photo


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