Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Annes Irish Castle

I haven't finished this painting, I haven't done the rocks in the foreground or put the grasses in. I may get back to it later in the week, I may not. Fire away, please all of you, I am looking forward to your critiques.

Oh Dear...........


  1. JJ ....it's gentle and so romantic ....gorgeous sky ... does that horizon line have a curve on it at the right hand side?

  2. Nice work so far JJ ;)

    I also agree with Anne's observations on the horizon line.
    The line under the RH turret need softening a little also.

    As you are still working on this, I can't say anything more until you complete it ;)

  3. Good catch Anne! I went and measured the horizon line, and it is lower on the right, so I have raised it up and it looks better. Thanks. I worked on the water with a bit of dry brush to give it a little texture and make it look less like a blue wall.

    Ree..............What can I say. I have Ree on the phone with me right now, and under her expert tutelage, I have been making adjustments to my painting. It looks quite good now, if you stand back. Further back than that, right back, a little further, like I just told Ree, turn around, now RUN!


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