Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Discussion on critiques

Firstly, let me remind you guys, this blog is private, only we members can read it. I made it that way, as this is all about encouraging one another, without the added pressure of knowing strangers are going to be looking as well.

I have been having a discussion via email with some of you as to whether you want critiques on your work or not. So far all the responses have been positive. I thought though, that we aren't going to know what each one of us wants in respect of critiques unless we tell each other, so this discussion is born.

Yes!! I want indepth critiques. Let me have it, lock stock an dbarrel, don't be gentle!!!

It doesn't matter if one is a beginner or been painting for years, everyone has an eye and can see if something is amiss in a painting somewhere. ALL critiques are valuable to me. I wont always agree with a critique, neither will you, it is human nature. I will get miffed, but I do take a deep breath, walk away, and come back later and re-read the critique and look at the painting again, and see if I was indeed wrong. It is in my best interests to do this, as sometimes I am wrong and the critiquer is right, more often than not to be honest, so critiques are important to me, they keep me on my toes, and make me a better artist. They help me to see, more importantly they help me to really look. Look not just at my artwork, but all around me. I take my lessons into the real world, and most often what I see, the critique has mentioned, and nature has backed it up. . Such a wonderful learning tool, and one I cherish.

So what kind of critique you want. Ree, Sandy, Anne, Mimi, Colleen. :-))


  1. You have said it all JJ ....I want and need critiques as that is the only way I am ever going to learn.

  2. Give me all you've got, JJ!!
    You can't be any harsher than I am in critiquing my own paintings!!!!

    But seriously, I need critiques because it helps me to grow as an artist, to improve my skills and to give me the confidence to try new techniques, styles etc.

  3. I would like help with technique and composition. That's usually what's bugging me. Sometimes,I do a face and want help, it's hard to tell what's wrong without seeing the reference.

  4. PS It's not going to bother me if you say something that perhaps I don't agree with or if you think is a bit harsh. How am i going to learn if you tell me it's good and it's not?


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