Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Checking in!

Hi girls! Just quickly checking in to let you know that I am unable to participate right now. It is good to see you are all busy contributing...
After today I should be back to "normal" (whatever that is!!!)I am looking forward to joining in again.
This image is an indication of what it has been like down here in Vic.Bushfires and 48 degree days ...still awfully hot and horrible.


  1. Gorgeous colours Sandy .....I just can't imagine 48 degree weather ....Here tonight it is to be -2 ..... I am sitting here and my feet are freezin'

  2. This painting definitely looks hot. I really like the colors and the shadows. It looks like a scary place to be. I am trying to find something constructive to say, but I am at a loss. maybe just a little more of a dark branch going off to the side where you signed it so that it would be balanced better

  3. Oh Sandy, I didn't realise you were in the middle of the bush fire area. Oh hell!!! Stay safe!
    That heat would be oppressive! It is a constant 29 deg in my office, has been for the last 4 days. I only have the fan on. I am still not up to scratch either, so take your time girlfriend. Lifes issues takes precedence.

    Your painting shows a lot of emotion, I am glad you are still feeling the urge to wet your brushes.


  4. Hi Sandy...hope you will be back to par soon ;)

    Like your palette in this one Sandy...just a little bother by the mid ground area...looks to be coming forward a bit IMO

    It's in the mid to high 30's here in NSW but nothing like Vic 48 deg! I don't know how people cope with such extreme temps! Stay indoors and keep the fluids up is about all you can do, I suppose...stay safe ;)


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