Monday, February 2, 2009

The hand of the man who would not stand still .....

I did this one earlier in the week.....
Acrylic on paper about 6" X 7"


  1. great hand! Your 3 dimensionality is awesome.
    how come his body is blue but his hand is red.. just asking :-)

  2. Gosh Anne, I like your hand. It looks like a clay model. How neat is that.

    Maybe the photo has lightened the values a little? If not, then you need to darken in between the fingers a little more, and under his hand on the cloth. I would use a thinned down acrylic water mix, and your fingers to blend the shadows in if you can.

    You did really well with this painting, and you should feel very proud you know!!!

  3. Mimi .....I painted his hand after he put his clothes on and got warmed up a bit!!! that explains the different colours I hope is freezing here at the moment you know .....but well spotted ;)

  4. Good effort Anne. ;)

    There are a couple of things that you can improve on though.

    Firstly, the line where the fingers attach to the palm needs to have a slight curve, with highest point starting at the index finger and curving down towards the little finger and also the thumb needs to be approx. the same length as the little finger...look at your own hand as a ref. ;)

    Secondly, values, as JJ point out...I can only see 3 in the painting...need at least 5+ to make it 'pop' IMO

    I can see improvement in each painting you do Anne, so keep practicing every day...;)


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