Monday, February 2, 2009

My Dunluce painting

This is acrylic on board about 5" X 6" I loved working on those greens ....hopefully I am getting better at it .....


  1. Your painting is a great miniature. the only thing that bothers me about it is how the strip of a hill on the right looks like it's a continuation of the hill with the castle on it. If you could change that a little bit, it would make some more depth in the painting. Nice surf!

  2. Wowsers! I like this Anne, yes you are getting better.

    I really do like those greens.

    The ocean is very good, and those rocks close to shore are great too. I will say the same thing to you, I said to Mimi and Ree, you need to grey down that white surf a little on the shaded side to make the rocks sit in the water more. A couple of them are floating. I really like that surf.

    Interesting that you put your shadow in on the opposite to the way I did it. That is the difference from being there and using someone else's reference I guess.

    I am still working on my painting, it is a failure so far, I think I might have to bring out the acrylics to finish it off. I started in watercolours, but the green are giving me fits. The sky is not good, the water is the pits, and I haven't started on the rocks yet. lol. You guys are going to have a field day critiquing mine. :-D

    It is 2.00am here, I am going to bed, to dream of green stuff!!!

  3. Not a bad effort Anne and you ARE getting better!

    The only thing that I can see is that it's all mid tones, you need to add more dark's in the grass area and a little more detail in the foreground


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