Saturday, February 14, 2009

Causeway Stones ....again!

This is another one I started of the Causeway Stones ....trying to get it right ....not succeeding ....acrylic on board 8" X 12
I have started Mimi's ref pic is a bit C.R.A.P. ...maybe I will slip it in when JJ's asleep .....


  1. I saw that!! I am still awake ;-))

    I like this Anne. I like the darkness of the water close to the rocks. I like the colour of the rocks, I have seen rocks like that, they read true to me. Like shale. I one were to google Shale rock, they would find images of rocks this exact same colour. Well done Anne.

    The foam on the water needs to be softer and foamier. Looks like you got fed up by this time, and just swiped at the foam with a fully loaded brush.

    In the small picture here, it doesn't look so bad, but in the enlarged photo, you can see that the foam is too solid. Go look at Byron's paintings, he shows you how to paint foam, and it is the same brush strokes in oil as in acrylic. You need to water your paint down, and you need to grey the white down in places. Only have the whitest whites where the light is hitting it. Under the edge of the rocks would be greyed down. (Blue/grey) maybe. Have a practice. Paint an area of water on some scrap paper, let it dry, and practice the foam. When it is dry gesso over it and try it again, or get more paper and paint more blue water.. Keep practicing and you will master it. This will change your painting from nice to fabulous!

  2. I was hoping someone would paint this view!
    I like it.


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