Saturday, February 14, 2009

Elliott Bay from USA

Here is my interpretation of Mimi's photo. It sure was a challenge, but I have to say, I really enjoyed painting this and it made me feel good. It is still wet, as it is in oils. Raining here, has been for 3 days makes drying oils very difficult. Any c&c is welcome.

I ask you to stand up, move back from your monitor by 5-6 feet and then turn around and look at this.. ;-))


  1. WOW!! JJ this is the light and the values are great!!

    I can't see anything that you could improve upon, it's a really great painting JJ...well done g/f!!

  2. This is really delightful. The only thing bothering me is that there is not a center of focus.
    Nice work! I love the sky!

  3. Thanks Ree!!!

    Mimi, the centre of interest is the boat. Photo has dulled that down, but in person, this painting is quite vibrant in places, and that boat looks awesome!!


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