Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sorry Mimi!

I tried to paint your beautiful photograph but with little success.
I started it with watercolour pencils which I know nothing about and I only had a few colours was not one of them .... it looked awful ....drab and dirty. So I painted over bits of it with acrylics and it is a bit more respectable but still awful .....


  1. ...and I don't know why it came out sideways's upright on my desktop ... I am not trying to give you sore necks ....honestly .... but maybe it's best viewed quickly .....

  2. oh, come on! this is great! a great sky , water that looks like water.

    Here's what I'm going to criticize: you did really well with the vertical lines of the antennas and the building, but you lost the sense of vertical in the windows of the boat.
    How amazing that you used watercolor AND acrylic!!

  3. It's probably not advisable to use watercolours and acrylics though .....I am sure JJ will soon tell me that!!

  4. I did post before I even turned the darn painting around, maybe I forgot to hit save.. sigh.. Thanks Ree, painting turned around, and here I am..

    So you used the watercolour pencil first. There is no reason why you can't do that, some folks do that with oils too, paint watercolour first, spray with pastel fixative, then a light gesso and paint the oils over top.

    You painted this in a rush, didn't you?

    I want you to look at your painting, and give it a critique as if it was someone elses.. Seriously. Give it the works.. Write down every good and not so good thing you see in this painting, and I will critique your critique.. ;-))

  5. Good try Anne, on this difficult subject! ;)

    I agree with Mimi critique, on the verticals.
    Also the bow (front) of the tug is facing towards the viewer and the stern is a side view, the perspective is not correct...
    I know from my own experience with it, that it was darn HARD to draw so it was a pretty good effect, Anne! ;)


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