Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update on collie pup .....

I have been working on this little collie pup and I am not sure if she is getting better or not but one thing I am sure of lot will tell me!!!! .....


  1. I noticed the c&c you got on the OC forum and most of that is good c&c. TG's advice is always spot on. Maybe ej's feathering of leg fur, but I think it is only fiddling now. You are just going to overpaint it and really hate it, if you don't already.. What you should do, id draw out the reference again, and paint it again, with the advice you have. Put that neutral tint in the bottom of your paint basket. All it is good for is adding raw sienna to to make a nice green. Put it aside and start on mimi's ref. I have finished mine..;-)))

  2. Anne, I think he is 'done'...;)

    In reality, you need to know when to stop working a painting, so put it away for now, then you can come back to it at a later date and have another look... ;)


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