Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hattish thing.

It only took a while, but I finally got it drawn up. I started later than I wanted. This is hubby's work hat when he has to go to the field or gets deployed. My husband is in the military, by the way. :) Think I got the shadows better this time (hopefully). It's not this grainy in person, but my scanner likes to add it's own little white dots. lol


  1. Wow Charity, you sure are improving with your shadows. I like your hubby's hat, you did well girl!!!

  2. Charity ....that is beautiful .....wlll done! ....did you post it on Drawing and Sketching? ...if not then you should .....

  3. Thanks, JJ. I spent quite a while on this, working on the shadows and shading. While it's not perfect, it's probably better than I could have done a week ago.

    Thanks, Anne. I haven't posted it there, but I didn't get it complete until midnight, and hubby was ~cough~ reminding~cough~ me that it was time for bed. lol

  4. Every day you get a little better. Keep it up, you are really doing great..

    Just remember 3 values in your cast shadows, and vary the density of the form shadows for a 3D look..

  5. Excellent, Charity! You have improved outta sight in the last week...well done!! ;)


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