Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I say, the aliens are coming, true, they are, I heard it on the readio. Protect yourself! Grab your alfoil your metal bowls....

...or in my case a stainless steel measuring cup hahahahaha. Not going to cover much but hey.... A4 sketch book Graphite.

First picture is an update. I posted my drawing in the Drawing and Sketching Forum, on Wet Canvas and got some really invaluable advice. I thinks it looks better now, I deepened the inside of the container and lightened the handle shadow.


  1. So shiny, JJ! I'm not sure it's going to protect us from aliens, but perhaps an ear can be saved? hehe

  2. Hahaha! Or a nose!!!
    Great work, JJ! Your shading has improved a lot in the last couple of weeks...well done, g/f! ;)

  3. Just that little bit of a change in the bottom made it look tons better (even though I didn't see that it was too off to begin with). Looks great, JJ!!


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