Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anne's Challenge

Anne, Here is my effort. It has been a bit cold and windy here for the last few days (for the tropics) and being a bit of a woose, I settled for a vignette of a sheltered corner of my garden.


  1. ....where'd you get the pot plant from woman?? Last time I was there, all you had were pots of dead soil rotflol... :D

    Seriously though, this is really neat. Way to go Ree!!!!!

  2. JJ, Wrong woman. Wrong potplants. Though I have been known to kill a few in my time.

  3. Hahahaha, I just realised that oh man so sorry.. I thought Ree must have gone out and bought a plant lol.. I also thought she used artistic licence on her chair too, because last time I saw it is was broken haha.

    So starting again....

    Colleen, neat plein air, and yes it has been quite cool here. I actually miss going out plein air every month. I just don't seem to find the time at present. I really like your palm tree. Another reason I thought this was Ree's as she paints really neat trees. :)

    This looks like a really lovely place to sit..

  4. Hi Colleen! This is beautiful. It looks like a terrific place to sit and relax. :)

  5. Wonderful painting Colleen! Love the palette...the palm's great...very nice work and well done, Colleen.

    JJ, ya before you post, woman!! LOL

    Colleen, I too have given the 'kiss of death' to many an unsuspecting plant!!! LOL

  6. .... very nice Colleen ...I just wanna go and sit down on that chair .....


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