Sunday, August 2, 2009

And a bit more...

The watercolor pencils are too fun to leave alone..and my daughter begged me to draw another flower. So, I hope you gals don't mind if I post what I've painted/ I have a HUGE respect for anyone who can do watercolor. As much fun as it is, I don't see how ANYONE can get details in...which is why I have so much respect for those artists that can. Hope you ladies like it. :)


  1. You can post any of your paintings here you like. We love to see them!!!!!

    That is one happy sunflower.

    Yes watercolour is challenging, but it is one of my most favourite mediums..

  2. What a sunny way to greet the day! A happy yellow flower...very pretty!

    I love watercolor. Like JJ says it can be challenging but you can go as loose or detailed as you want or you can paint very soft colors or very vivid colors. It is a fun way to paint.

  3. Charity ....looks like you are having a great tiome with your new toys .....very pretty!

  4. Thanks so much ladies. :D They ARE fun even though I have no clue what I'm doing. lol

  5. Well done, Charity!
    You are having a ball with the w/c pencils, hey!;)

  6. I definately am, Ree. They're a lot of fun. Would be easier if I knew what I was doing..but eh..I don't think I've ever taken the easy way. lol


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