Monday, August 3, 2009

My book

My book! ....ok so I cheated on the title of it actually says "Christian Community Bible Catholic Pastoral Edition" but "The Bible" was easier!
I don't read the bible at all but I love this one. I bought it about 16 years ago when my brother was dying from cancer.
I had heard about a man who appeared to have healing powers and I had written to him. He told us to read "The Wedding at Cana" every day and so I bought the bible. Believe me you clutch at straws when a loved one is ill. We knew that part of the bible off by heart!
Anyway I still have that bible and I do love it even if I don't read it .... it has gorgeous thin pages in it that make a lovely sound when they are turned .... and the marker is still at The Wedding at Cana .....
Pastel pencils about 8" X 5"


  1. Beautiful Anne, the Bible and the sentiment.

  2. Great job on your book and a good story behind it.

  3. Again, great work, Anne!

    I still have my red Missal that I used at school, (many moons ago, lol)and it has those very thin pages that make a lovely sound when you turn them, too! ;)


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