Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another scrubber!

Another scrubber ....different from JJ's though ....mine is a sponge one .....brand new so no germs in it yet!!
About 4" X 5" done with pastel sticks ....much messier than the pencils ....


  1. I have seen those kinds at the supermarket. They come in a 3 pack. The beauty of mine, is that I can put it through the dish washer if I want to. I actually use a handled brush as a scrubber for the metal-ware, and I do put that through the dishwasher.

    Anyway...... I like this Anne, you did real good. Just vary the cast shadow, 3 tones, remember. Fade it out.

  2. That looks really good, Anne! How are you liking the pastel sticks?

  3. Great job Anne!

    Are you new to pastels? I like them a lot but they are so "dirty" to hands are always a mess when I get done.

  4. Great drawing, Anne!
    You're getting really good at the pastels!


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