Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Abstract Challenge

18"x18" on double thickness gallery wrap.


  1. Reminds me on raindrops .....very pretty JJ!

  2. It's very attractive JJ. It speaks of water or ice.

  3. Very atmoshperic JJ, I would have thought it was a real view of a beach f the shadows were all in the same direction. This took my breath away. I love it. It is a great monochrome abstract.

  4. It's great JJ! Love it!
    It looks like a pinball machine to me, with all the stops to block and bounce the ball, but ya forgot to add the flippers!!! LOL Well done g/f!!

  5. Thank you guys, I am glad you like it. I really loved paintign this, it was something I have wanted to paint for quite some time.

    I wil be back later to tell you what it is.

    Right now back to realism for me, and my beloved marine paintigns... :D

  6. Well I thought I was going back to realism and then Colleen posts her Challenge for this week. hahahahaha foiled.........

    So, what is my "abstract" supposed to be?? Ice bubbles...........


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