Monday, June 22, 2009

Mackb's Challenge

Mackb, My response to your 'abstract' challenge. I made a few attempts. I have named the first"Global Warming'. The next couple are entitled "Migraine" although I don't think the first of these is strictly abstract because the eyes are recognisable physical forms. What say you?


  1. Colleen the first one is great!!!!!! I look forward to Bruces comments..

  2. Oh darn I hit send instead of enter, it is nearly 1.30am here, and I am beat.

    I meant to say, I love the second one too, the eyes are neat!!!!

  3. I love the second one Colleen.... but they are all great!

  4. Well done, Colleen! You really stretched yourself and painted three, I am impressed! ;)
    Yes JJ, where is Bruce, huh???

  5. I am blown away Colleen. These can be contagious and make you want to paint more. I love the last migrane, a creative use for icky green.

    But the eyes are terrific, leaving lots to the imagination without spoon feeding the viewer as to what to think. There is enough interest in the green to give the viewer lots to contemplate and roam over, a wonderful treat.

    The firrst one is very good, a terrific riff on geometry, a common theme in abstracts. You should do one of these every once in a while to help free your mind for the next time you start a new project.

    I think all of you will find your next painting a relief and you'll actually do better than if you had not tried this at all.


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