Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pepper, apple, cucumber,tomato and strawberries ..... or simple A Still Life ....

I did this one before from Bruce's photograph but I did it on unprepared board as I thought it would be a hash of a painting. As it turned out I really liked the painting but because I didn't gesso the board I fear it will and maybe is already showing through the paint .... so I have done another one on properly primed board.
Acrylic on wood 15" X 16


  1. Always, always paint on a properly prepared board woman..

    Picture is nice and bright, this one is easy to go to dark with, I know :D

    Your tomato looks a little too flat and the leaves look like a spider :-) Even though the leaves are thin, they still need shading top and bottom to make them look like leaves.

    AS for the tomato deepen your shading to the same depth as the strawberry shadows.

    Strawberries look delicious!!!

    Don't use white ever for the highlights. It looks more natural if you use the base colour to tint the white. Where you want the white to look extra bright make it a very pale blue.

    That apple looks super.

    The capsicum looks really good too, just the stalk needs to be a little thicker. It probably is htis size in the photo, but it is getting lost in your painting. I tis ok to change things a little in your reference..

    So look on this one as your practice painting, but remember to always gesso your boards first. Oneday when you don't feel like painting, get that gesso out and have a gesso applying day. :-))

  2. Yikes, a ghost from my past!!! Anne a great effort. I think your hesitation and expectations show in your work though. We can never hide fear in a painting, I know about this.

    I won't rehash what JJ mentioned. I will say that you should remember you need at least 3 tones of each colour in an object.

    The pepper is flat because you didn't use a variety tones between the lighest and darkest. I would have used more than you did, but to be honest, I too had a terrible time with the pepper. But it's just like the apple. There are the darkest, lightest and at least 3 tones between to give it a 3 dimensional look and life like skin.

    The lightest light could have been a light green, not white. I too had this problem as JJ so ruthlessly (don't tell her I said that) pointed out to me a few times.


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