Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Got the Point !!!

Late, but not forgotten, acrylic on canvas, 8X10 ".

I got started on this after breakfast and dropping off kids, etc. Took 2 hours of teeth grinding effort. There's a reason pointalism doesn't appeal to a lot of people. This isn't nearly as good as Ree's, but you never answered my requests girl, so here is my shot at it.


  1. Ah-ha :-))))))))

    You sure did get the point and how neat is this!!

    I am pretty sure the dots are meant to be closer together, but hey I like this, you did good Bruce.

    What was the request from Ree?

    I will try this again one day, and use white paint too, I didn't before, only the three primaries, and after studying some more works of the masters, it is obvious they used white as well as their three primaries.

  2. Well done Bruce!
    What requests??? I didn't know you requested anything?!

  3. Ree, you missed the post I gues. It was #18 on your pointilism Cahllenge submission, of the pears. Here it is:

    mackb said...
    Ree, I am tortured over this pic. I don't see the updateed pic or your palette. However, I would like to know how you painted this, what kind of paint and brush etc. I ask bec you have done such a convincing job on a difficult method. Please tell me.

    May 3, 2009 12:07 PM

    As I implied, you are the master of poinilism and I want your input.

  4. I'm so sorry Bruce, I really didn't see this comment and believe me I'm no 'master' of anything!
    I only paint what I see, using the techniques that I have learnt over many year of struggling with watercolours!
    Having never tried Pointillism before, it was a big challenge for me and I did enjoy the process.

    You said that I used a lighter version of primaries, here is your comment in JJ's post of her Pointillism painting...

    mackb said...April 22...

    "Yeah, but I didn't think they had to full strenghth colours to do it. I'm probably wrong, but Ree's pic wasn't straight primariesa nd they were lighter versions. Now I gotta go look agian, just came back.

    her's is yellow, white and varing shades of ochre and I think raw umber. But like I say, of late I've been wrong lots".

    My reply was...April 22

    "Hi Bruce...my palette was all primaries...cad yellow...naphthol red...ultramarine blue. No ochre or raw umber and no white only white paper showing! ;)"

    That's the reason why I put up a higher res pic to show the actual colours that I used but I didn't name them!

    My method in Pointillism was to place the dots in a uniform manner within the shape of the pears but I should have used a smaller brush... starting with a # 4 round, was much too big, I changed to a # 2 which was OK.. A lot of colours mingled to make secondaries and tertiaries so that's where you see the browns, Bruce! ;)
    Hope this has helped you, sorry for the delay in replying. ;)

  5. Well Bruce ....at least yours is a whole lot better than mine was......

  6. Thanks Ree, that helps a lot actually. I saw the post but I didn't make the connection. You really nailed the poinilism challenge tho, well done.

    Thanks Anne, it's obvious, we all need to do the challenge agian and will in the puture, I promise.


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