Friday, May 15, 2009

Todays painting 15/5/09

12"x 16" canvas


  1. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH, nice. You certainly are a prodigous painter. I love your bursting desire to paint, you go girl. I love the scene, however....

    Forgive me JJ for nit picking this one. The sky and water are too blue again, the boat is unnaturally foreshortened and the stick figures take away from the beauty of the piece.

    I conceed that I may not be familiar with this kind of sail boat, but it just doesn't look right. The sails are great, but the deck seems to be too short.
    I will go away and hide now...

  2. Thanks for the critique Bruce, just what I wanted. The sky and water are not this deep a blue in the painting, I couldn't get a good photo last night. If I had the water looking realistic, then the boat looked anaemic. :-(

    Ree mentiond the shape of the boat didn't look right either. It is like this in the reference, but if it reads wrong in the painting, I failed. Stick figures hey. :D

  3. I calls them as I sees them....

    The boat is no doubt foreshortened, but the cabin just doesn't look right to me and your figures look mine do, :-{

    I must say tho, nice job.

    The sky can be lightened a bit and darken teh baot to offset the sky.

    I know theswe are supposed to be quick adn dirty, but the mopre realistic they look, the better. It's the nasty part of painting realism...

  4. I measured the boat with the reference and the dimensions are correct.

    The sky is lighter in person.

    I fattened up the peoples arms and they look fine now too. I got a lot of favourable comments about this painting today. I have a regular following, who come into my "stall" to see what new work I have done.

    Thanks for the extra set of eyes.. :-)


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