Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is what I meant by adding a pot to your amarylis, JJ.
I'm not saying this is a good painting, just saying that's what I meant by adda pot.
Your pot would not show as high because you want to retain that sturdy long stalk identiable to the amaryliss.


  1. This is a beautiful painting, I think, I love the texture, and I can see how adding a pot makes the subject all the more interesting.. Thank you.

  2. It is acryic mixed media. The textures are mediums applied before the paint.

  3. Cool. I should buy some texture medium. I have added tissue paper and screwed up brown paper to a canvas, before painting. Gives a wonderful texture, and is fun deciding what to paint on it after I have put the base coat of paint on.

  4. Hi Lynda and welcome to our little group ....I am sure you will fit in very well here! What a gorgeous and interesting piece you have started off with ....

  5. Hi Lynda and welcome...I've been looking forward to seeing some of your work and this piece is the textures, a very interesting technique, must have a go at it myself...;) BTW is it on paper or canvas?

  6. Hi Lynda and welcome, altho somewhat belatedly on my part.

    I love the texture but I would not have had the same texture on the pot as on the wall. It doesn't look right.

    I agree with the use of thick gel medium for the texture. It really enhances the painting. Nice job.

    But I can only see a blurry pic on my puter, so I don't know if it was your camera or my puter.


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