Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't laugh

Lyn suggested I paint a sneaker, so here it is. I am sure she meant a pair of sneakers, but I just did one to get the feel of it.. haha

The usual, 10"x12" single thickness gallery wrapped canvas and acrylics


  1. Now that's cute've still got a way with shoes!!! LOL Now go find the other one and paint it too!!! hehehe!!

  2. No I haven't. This is my made up rendition of one of Alan's dunlop sneakers lol. I changed some of the shape, and of course the colour (his are white) So mine looks like a kids show haha. I was gong to paint both of them, but it was too time consuming and himself was due home..

    I put in a background especially for Lynda. ;-)

  3. Now why would anyone laugh? .....that is very well painted JJ ....

  4. Yes, you needed the background, although I would have intersected the shoe with it to call more attention to the shoe itself. Just a single shoe is more intereresting than a pair. If a person wants to buy it, and wants a pair, sell a second painting.

  5. How would I have intersected the shoe with the background?

    I am glad about my call to only paint one sneaker. I was hoping that would be so. I tried putting the sneakers in different positions and I didn't like them. I kept coming back to the solo shoe.

  6. JJ, hahahahahhaha....oh, I wasn't supposed to laugh was I? (snicker)

    I like the cute red shoe, tho it does look a tad flat to me. To intersect means to have it overlap the back wall a bit more, maybe leaning on the wall. nothign wrong with a one shoe pic, but I'd add something, anything, to have some visual tension.


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