Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bible Study

Following on from my "Say a Prayer For Me" post (I think that's what I called it!!) I thought I would try painting hands holding a bible.
I want to get something ready for 2 Church Exhibitions that are coming up in May ......
As it's not finished yet any C&C would be most welcome ....
8" X 10" acrylic on board .....


  1. Looking at it again, I do think he needs skin tones, he looks like a dead man at present hehehehe

    I can't get over how beautifully you painted the bible!!!!!!!

  2. nicely done anne. I would like to see the wood-toned shape changed to horizontal, which would add interest and tension.

  3. This is great Anne!! Love the hands!

    I agree with JJ on the skin tones. Are you doing this using Zorn palette? If so, you could mix up some skin tones using Yellow Ochre, Cad Red and White, pretty much like the wood tone that you have in the painting already!


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