Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here's mine Bruce..

I had a ball painting this guy! I used 3 colours and white, and a palette knife. 10"x 12" gallery wrap canvas. (Acrylic)


  1. what a cutie, the bird that is. It seems noen of us got the impressionist thing going on. We have a challenge to master it.

    I like your bird tho. Gotta go

  2. Yes I agree with that too Bruce...we all could do with more practice...maybe we could do the challenge again later on in the year, just to see what we have learned from this one ;)

    JJ, I like your pelican, he's cute!
    Just a couple of points... can't see a light source and the position of the legs doesn't seem right, a little wide perhaps, not sure about their colour either...'green'(maybe he likes waddling through the mud)!!!LOL
    I like the knife work and the waves, nicely done JJ! ;)

  3. JJ, this is the one I was cheekily referring to in Coleen's challenge. It was similar. Probably a bertter likeness than I will get with my try.

  4. IPMRESSIONISM Defined....................

    The Impressionist style of painting emphasized loose imagery rather than finely delineated pictures. The artists of the movement worked mostly outdoors and strived to capture the variations of light at differing times throughout the day. Their color palettes were colorful and they rarely used blacks or grays. Subject matter was most often landscape or scenes from daily life. Impressionists were interested in the use of color, tone, and texture in order to objectively record nature. They emphasized sunlight, shadows, and direct and reflected light. In order to produce vibrant colors, they applied short brush strokes of contrasting colors to the canvas, rather than mixing hues on a palette.

    Copied from the world wide art resource website: http://wwar.com/masters/movements/impressionism.html


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